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I build tough, dependable, lightweight bicycle wheels for all applications. All by hand. All by me.

Whether you're an avid bicycle tourist, a weekend "credit-card" tourist, participate in organized, supported group tours -- or just want a good, strong set of wheels to ride around town, on club group rides, or out in the country, without having to worry -- these wheels can't be beat!

Every wheel with the Hands on Wheels label is carefully assembled, by hand, and fine-tuned to perfection -- balanced spoke tension, lateral and vertical true to within .05mm! -- by Master Wheelbuilder Rich Lesnik, in San Francisco, California.

As you navigate around this website -- exquisitely designed by Tai Travis of NewSpark Designs in Nevada City, California -- you'll learn more about the elusive "art" of wheelbuilding and come to appreciate even more the importance of a good set of hand-built wheels. Eddy Mercks is rumored to have said that the two most important parts of a bicycle are the wheels and the frame. Well, we've got the wheels covered!

Enjoy your visit, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call (415 731 2224) or send an email message.

About Hands on Wheels Each wheel that leaves my shop has been carefully assembled, tensioned and trued by only me. I've built thousands of bicycle wheels over 24 years, and every wheel goes out with this guarantee:

Rich at the lacing stand

if the wheel goes out of true, breaks a spoke, or develops any other irregularities during normal use, I'll fix it -- free of charge -- or

pay to have it fixed if you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area. Elsewhere on this site, you can find photos of wheels I've built, as well as a gallery featuring various bicycle trips I've taken. I'm passionate about bicycle touring "self-contained," so the wheels I build are designed to carry big loads and withstand serious stress over time.